CAL-ACT Catalysts connect with current CAL-ACT cohort members on a regular basis to be an encouraging guide on the side.  Cascading mentoring is key idea threaded throughout OC STEM Project Acabado.

  • Mentor
  • Partner
  • Coach

Catalysts can be counted on to:

    • Interact with kindness
    • Provide options for connections: conversations, observation, collaboration and/or introductions
    • Engage with  mentee(s)
    • Steward network connections
    • Build community
    • Share

Here’s what we know about effective educator professional development-Learning Policy Institute.

  • Is content focused
  • Incorporates active learning
  • Supports collaboration
  • Uses models of effective practice
  • Provides coaching and expert support
  • Offers feedback and reflection
  • Is of sustained duration

To promote the institutionalization of active learning (AL) in math and science classrooms CLU launched the Center for Active Learning (CAL).  The CAL is funded by Oxnard College’s HSI Title III grant, OC STEM Project Acabado.