Hussein Fahs, MS

Hussein Fahs, MS

Hussein Fahs is a full-time Math faculty member at Oxnard College. He has served as department chair and advisor for the math club.

Currently, Hussein is part of a two-year cohort “research institute” called PROMESAS  (a CI-HSI-STEM grant/STEM Service Courses) designed to transform the students’ experience in mathematics courses that serve all STEM majors. The goal of PROMESAS is to improve retention rate, success rate, and helping students connect better with what they are learning.

Hussein believes that active learning is almost a necessity in the classroom. It is imperative for student success due to the level of difficulty and complexity of math courses in general. With active learning, students can have an easier time comprehending what I am trying to convey to them by working together in small groups.

Hussein has also worked to adopt more active learning approaches with his classroom in that he has transformed his quizzes from the traditional approach to a modern approach allowing students to collaborate with each other making the session a learning and discovery opportunity for them.

Hussein states that an active learning atmosphere allows students to engage and be part of the conversation, which provides learners with a sense of belonging.