Experts from the Center for Active Learning are driven to support educators in creating a dynamic learning environment that requires learners to ask questions of themselves and their peers in solving problems, in contrast to passively receiving information through lecture, reading and notetaking.

  • Active Learning  ( Active Collaborative Transformative Learning and Teaching ( ACT) is a pedagogy in which students are encouraged to develop their learning autonomously.

This happens through process of having students engage in some activity that forces them to reflect upon ideas and how they are using those ideas.  It requires students to regularly assess their own degree of understanding and skill at handling concepts or problems in a particular discipline. Learners attain knowledge by participating and/or contributing.  This process keeps students mentally, and often physically, active in their learning through activities that involve them in gathering information, thinking, and problem solving.

  • An Active Learning environment often incorporates a mix of the following components: peer-led team learning(PLTL); problem-based learning (PBL); process-oriented guided inquiry learning (POGIL) and investigative case based learning (ICBL).